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“You play with great energy, you’re funny, and you have no fear. If you keep playing like that, it will take care of you.” -Billy Merritt, Upright Citizens Brigade LA

“Bonnie! You are so solid and funny. I loved your musical choices, and felt like musical improv really suits you.” -Tara Copeland, Upright Citizens Brigade

“Bonnie brings such a positive energy and attitude to every exercise, and to the class as a whole. She takes notes and applies them, always working to get better.” -David Hoffman, Groundlings Instructor/Company Member + Actor

“Bonnie is an extremely talented young lady who can do it all. She dances gracefully, sings beautifully, and acts effortlessly. Bonnie is one of those young women who comes along only rarely. Her positive attitude and enthusiastic work ethic are contagious. She was in the cast of several shows that I directed. My only regret is that there were not more young actors like her in my casts[…]When she takes the stage, all eyes are on her because she has such a magnetic stage presence. In my 35 years’ experience as a theater teacher and director, I have been blessed with actors like her only occasionally. She is a director’s dream because she always has her line memorized on time. She volunteers to help in any way she can to make the production run more smoothly. She catches on quickly to blocking and choreography.”
-Mary Massey, Director

“Bonnie is an immensely gifted performer. She’s a fine actress and a true presence on the stage. She has an amazing on-pitch alto singing voice, which I heard her use to great effect in West Side Story, in one of the best portrayals of Anita I’ve ever witnessed. That led the following year to a wonderful turn as the insouciant Babette in Beauty and the Beast. Her dancing skills are also first-rate, a result of years of training. Bonnie brings a professional work ethic to any role. She’s on time, she knows her lines, and she has a passionate desire to “get it right.” She has a natural ability to make strong choices and, even better, once she hones in on them, doesn’t deviate unless directed otherwise. Yet, that being said, I have also seen her take direction, change course, and do it with aplomb. She is a dedicated performer. She has a remarkable ability to convey what-ever a scene requires and is generous in her give-and-take with her fellow actors as well.”
-Roger Durrett, Actor, Producer, Director + Writer

“Bonnie is an amazing mezzo/belter, with a warm but strong register. She is an excellent sight-reader and was an alto section leader for two years. Portraying the role of Anita in West Side Story, her interpretation and performance were amazing. The different levels of emotion and intensity brought Anita to life; it was not Bonnie as Anita, it was Anita. Her senior year she played the flirtatious feather duster Babette and was funny, light-hearted and worthy of a Tony. Very respectful and diligent, Bonnie takes her talent very seriously.
-Craig Estep, Choir Director, Professional Opera Singer + Music Director

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